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Ruinart Challenge Belgium 2017

The Ruinart sommelier challenge has been for many years a set value in the European sommelier competitions organized in over 15 countries. After nearly 30 years, Ruinart remains committed to train and educate the sommelier community worldwide. The Challenge has been inactive for a while, but they’re back with a new unique ‘Rendez-vous’ for wine experts that will take place in Antwerp - Belgium on February 20th, 2017!

Why participate? Besides for expanding your knowledge about wine, it must be said that the prices aren’t bad either  the winner will get a 4 day educational trip to Champagne and a $1,000 EUR scholarship.

The competition itself is a written, blind & tasting test of 4 wines. One would think it would only be champagne, but in reality the wines could be from any region in the world—still or sparkling! The tasting asks basic blind tasting questions (country, vintage, variety, etc) as well as pairing suggestions, serving temperature, and ageability. No need to bring anything other than your sharp skills! Business attire is suggested. Please arrive on time or early.

After the tasting challenge there will be a technical Master Class conducted by Amelie Chatin (Champagne Oenologist from Ruinart), followed by an Informal Champagne lunch.

For more details or for subscribing yourself (for professional sommeliers only) click on following link (FR) or following link (NL)

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