Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Andreas Jechsmayr

For our next sommelier we take you to upper Austria, somewhere between Mozart’s Salzburg and Strauss’ Vienna. Please meet Austrian top sommelier Andreas Jechsmayr. It was after his graduation from hospitality school that in 1998 Andreas decided to expand his knowledge about wine and started wine course at the Wine akademie Rust from which he graduated in 2003. In 2008 he also started walking the Master Sommelier education path in which so far he is certified as advanced sommelier. Later this year Andreas will be travelling to London do the Master Sommelier exam, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for him!! In the more than 20 years that Andreas has been working he’s seen it all and has w

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Niels Toase

We interview sommeliers from far and wide, but one doesn’t always too go far to find top sommeliers. Our next interview brings us only a few miles outside of our own trusted Belgium, to Luxemburg. Please meet Luxembourger top sommelier and newly (July 2019) elected president of the Luxemburg Sommelier Association Niels Toase . Niels followed a classical Hotel Management training in Zeven, Germany where after he set sail to Ireland to start his professional career at the Marlfield House. Upon his return to the main land he continued his career at the multiple Michelin star awarded restaurant Anne de Bretagne. Follwed by a career at many high-end top gastronomical - Michelin awarded restaurant

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Ellen Franzén

Girlpower!! Please allow me to introduce to you the 2019 Best Sommelier of Sweden Ellen Franzén. You would think that a person who studied economics at University would end up working for a bank or a high profile job, but definitely not working in HoReCa?? Well, that’s exactly what Ellen did :-) . Initially, when she was doing seasonal work at ski resorts, she tried to ignore the fact the she actually liked this kind of work. You can run, but you cannot hide AND then If you decide you do want to continue in that of job and you end up working under the wings of a multiple time World/ European champion coach and Internationally admired top sommelier (and very humble) like Sören Polonius … I gu

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Reeze Choi

It is so nice to see that this series of interview brings us to all corners of the world. We interviewed sommeliers from all continents and we are faaaaaaar from finished. What intrigued us was to find out that many of the top sommelier have such different backgrounds, some followed the traditional path by going to hotel management school, and others went to university and make an enormous career change at later age. The thing they all have in common is the passion for their job. This brings me to introduce the following sommelier from yet another continent. Please meet Reeze Choi from Hong Kong. Choi quit school at young age and has worked in different industries. It was actually by ‘coinci

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Nelson Guerreiro

It is so nice to be able to interview so many great sommeliers from all over the world. They all such fantastic stories to tell us. What surprises us most is how many sommeliers before actually becoming sommelier had other plans with their lives…until they got the famous ‘bug’ all of the people we interview share aka passion for wine and the world of sommeliers (as it is more than only wines). For the next interview we take you to Lisbon to meet Portuguese top sommelier Nelson Guerreiro. It is so nice to be able to interview so many great sommeliers from all over the world. They all such fantastic stories to tell us. What surprises us most is how many sommeliers before actually becoming somm

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Andreas Kyprianou

Please meet Andreas Kyprianou, the 2018 Best Sommelier of Cyprus! What astonished me when doing some research on Andreas, was that he has actually degree in Investment and Finance that obtained at in New York…. And yet somehow he rolled into the world of wines/sommeliers. What a change of path! After his studies in Investment and Finance Andreas started working as sales manager for a wine importing company. As you might already expect, this company didn’t only give him experience in the business world, the fact that 15 years later he is still doing in wine I guess they passed on their passion to him as well. After a few years set sail for the next step in his career and become an ambassador

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Joseph Ruiz Acosta

The reason why we started with the series of interviews, is because we are of the opinion that sommeliers play an equal role in the world of gastronomy and that it are not only the chefs who should be in the spotlight. So we decided to put sommeliers from all over the world in the spotlight. Our following interview takes us to meet Peruvian top sommelier Joseph Ruiz Acosta. To think that this young sommelier’s initial dream was to be manager of a chain of hotels/resorts. This dream brought him to restaurant Central in Lima, which is one of Peru’s leading restaurants (also listed on the San Pelegrino 50 best), where he only planned to stay a little while and afterwards travel the world and ma

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Tazo Tamazashvili

Please meet sommelier Tazo Tamazashvili from the land where winemaking started, Georgia. Coming from the place where wine was born, you can imagine that wine has been in Tazo’s life forever. His passion for wine already goes back to when he was 6 (!!) years old. After obtaining his bachelor in International Tourism Management at the Tbilisi State University Tazo started working for one of the front-runners in hospitality industry in Georgia namely the Mgroup, initially as a ‘regular’ waiter, but later as a sommelier. Despite Tazo’s young age his passion kept growing resulting in him studying at the Tbilisi wine school and certifying himself at the WSET level 2. Not forgetting to mention th

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Diego Arrebola

Today we take you to sunny Brazil to introduce to you sommelier Diego Arrebola. Some people follow the classical path towards a working life in “HoReCa” by studying at Hôtellerie School. Others just roll into it, just because they wanted to earn some extra money during weekends or just because they didn’t find a job in the sector they were specialized in. In many cases both of these groups will begin a career in world of hotels, restaurants, etc… and for some that passion even because bigger making it almost a life goal. In the case of Diego, he is from the 2nd group. He started working at a restaurant just because he needed to pay the bills, but many years later is a highly educated sommel

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