Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Tom Ieven

I really start thinking that once the “wine bug” has you in his power it never lets you go. The next sommelier is yet another example of somebody left his university studies for what they were and go into a totally different direction. Let me introduce to you this year’s (2018) winner of the Best Sommelier of Belgium competition Tom Ieven. During Tom’s ‘chemistry studies, or better during his weekend work at the top Antwerp gastronomical restaurant De Schone van Boskoop he realized he didn’t really see himself working in chemistry but rather in the restaurant business. That’s why he changed course and started his studies in Hotel Management. During this studies a good friend of him Wouter V

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Job Seuren

The next sommelier we would like to introduce to you chose a career in the world of wines above one in international politics!! Now’s that’s choosing for your passion :-) ! Please meet Job Seuren. It was during Job’s studies at university (International Politics) that he got more and more interested in wine. It even went that far that he actually enjoyed his student job at a local wine shop better than what he was actually studying for… As Job is now a very well-known sommelier I guess we all know which path he decided to follow. After his part time job at the local wine shop and a few job in restaurants, the first milestone in Job’s career was at Michelin awarded restaurant Solo in Gorinche

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Lucas Delforge

Please allow me to introduce to you Lucas Delforge !! Not only is he a wonderful sommelier, but also an amazing teacher. When Lucas finished his studies in the early 80’s at the PIVA hotellerie school, he started his HoReCa career as commis (eventually chef de rang) at restaurant Steytelinck Castle to climb up as maître at restaurant Halewijn. The highlight of his career was without any doubt the 10 years he worked at the Michelin awarded restaurant ‘t Fornuis in Antwerp (that is already holding that star for over 30year now). After over almost 2 decades Lucas thought it was time for a career change and after following a teacher course he started teaching at the place where all his passion f

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