Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Lotte Wolf

The world of wine is still a men’s world, but I’m glad to see that the amount of female sommeliers and top sommeliers is increasing by the day. I’m not sure what keeps many women from deeping themselves more in the world of wines and spirits? I’m very glad that like I said the amount is increasing and the tables are turning. It is also said that women are better tasters… Anyhow I already had the chance to interview a few leading ladies in the sommelier world and this time again I consider myself lucky to have interviewed another very inspiring young Dutch lady (top) sommelier Lotte Wolf. What I find intriguing about Lotte is that she is actually an oenologist that became a sommelier :-) usu

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Christian Martray

My list of sommeliers I get to interview gets more impressive by the day. The next sommelier in line to put in the spotlight is Christian Martray. For the people who wouldn’t know who mr Matray is, when I contacted him he was on his way to have a little get together with a few unknown chefs like Alain Ducasse and Joël Robuchont (to name a few) in Paris… Yes indeed basically a sommelier of the top shelve :-) I can say for a fact that mr Martray is quit the personality in the world of wines! He is THE biggest ambassador when it comes to terroir driven winemakers and also known for his precise notes about wines. So it won’t surprise you when I say he is also a writer :-) What will surprise you

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Gennaro Buono

It seemed time to interview a sommelier from my beloved Italy. I was fortunate enough to interview the 2012 best sommelier of Italy Gennaro Buono who is currently the head sommelier of the luxury Aldrovandi hotel in Rome. After graduating in 1984 at the hotel management school of Gromola Gennaro followed a very nice path to build up experience. During this path he worked in the top Michelin awarded restaurants like L’olivo** and Oud Sluis*** and at Il Pagliaccio** as restaurant manager. He also worked as wine consultant for the Dutch Hapimag resort group. Besides being a passionate wine lover Gennaro is also a coffee lover and even a master trainer at the INEI which is the Italian national E

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