Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Gerard Devos

Gerard Devos is a person who just could not miss in my list of sommeliers to put in the spotlight. First of all as he's already member of the Belgian Sommelier Guild since 1984 (I was 1 year old back then :-) )So basically fix value of the Guild and I might even a behind the scenes. Gerard has been for many years part of the technical comity and the person who makes sure ethics and regularity are respected during the completion of Best Sommelier of Belgium. he also judges during many other competitions. Until recent (he retired) Gerard was the creator of top talent as during his years as teacher in the Hotel management school of Cardinal Mercier lots of his student were finalists or winner

Wilde eend

Wilde eend – een echt haat/liefde verhouding heb ik met die wilde vogels. Jaarlijks hou ik er eelt en blaren aan over als het seizoen van die taaie rakkers op volle toeren draait. Eend is het eerste wild dat op de kaart komt aangezien ze mogen geschoten worden vanaf 15 augustus maar meestal wachten de restaurants tot de eerste koele dagen om met eend te starten. Eens de jachtkalender toestaat haas en fazant te serveren is er ook geen mens meer die nog interesse heeft in dit waterwild. Met honderden heb ik er versneden en geloof me, het is de moeilijkste zaalversnijding dat er bestaat. Eerst moet je het bloed laten uitlekken want een wilde eend bak je “saignant”. Dan moet je met behulp van ee

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: José Lemahieu

The next sommelier we're putting in the spotlight is a sommelier that has inspired many many of our national top sommeliers (was mentioned lots of times during my interviews with them) . José Lemahieu is a true example and for many years has tried his best to transmit his wine passion over to his students during his many years as teacher at the hotel management school Ter groene poorte in Bruges and at Syntra (adult education). Before becoming a teacher José has gained his most experience as sommelier and later as restaurant manager at hotel Regina's restaurant Yperley in Ypres. Then again, is a sommelier not learning all his life? :-) Although I'm also convinced that José gained much expe

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Paolo Basso

For the first sommelier we put in the spotlight via our brand new website we could not just pick anyone, it just needed to be somebody special!! We did indeed found the perfect sommelier to put in the spotlight on the first release on our new website, it is none other then Mr. Paolo Basso!!! Paolo Basso won the 2013 Sommelier World Championships in Tokyo. In 2010 he won the title of Best Sommelier of Europe and the list goes on and on. We have also already had the honor to have had Mr. Basso as honorary judge during the contest of Best Sommelier of Belgium in 2015. So basically a sommelier of the top shelf :-) The reason I wanted to have Paolo Basso as first on our new website is (next to

Joery Delille désigné meilleur sommelier de Belgique

Joery Delille a été désigné meilleur sommelier belge. Le sommelier du restaurant Horseele à Gand a remporté dimanche à Dilbeek la finale du concours du meilleur sommelier de Belgique. Il a affronté Gianluca Di Taranto, sommelier du restaurant The Jane à Anvers, et Stéphane Dardenne, sommelier du restaurant La Table de Maxime à Paliseul, dans la province de Luxembourg. Le concours est organisé par l’association flamande des sommeliers (VVS) et le club gastronomique Prosper Montagné.

Joery De Lille Best Sommelier of Belgium

Joery Delille mag zich de beste Belgische sommelier van 2016 noemen. De wijnober van restaurant Horseele in Gent won zondagavond 16/10 de finale van de Belgische Sommeliersgilde. De eindstrijd ging tussen drie finalisten. De 29-jarige sommelier Joery Delille won van zijn collega-wijnkelners Gianluca Di Taranto van restaurant The Jane in Antwerpen en Stéphane Dardenne van restaurant La Table de Maxime in Paliseul, een gemeente in de provincie Luxemburg. De drie finalisten moesten negen proeven afleggen, waaronder het herkennen van champagne, het identificeren van wijnetiketten en het blind proeven van twee wijnen en vijf producten. De proeven werden beoordeeld door een uitgebreide jury met 22

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight

Now that we are only a few days away from knowing who will be the new Best sommelier of Belgium it seems nice to know which international top sommeliers will be judging and grading our finalists. The next judge I want to introduce is German Master of wine Caro Maurer. Caro is /was actually a writer who started hew career in the US writing in the lifestyle section of magazines and newspaper like Forbes and Die Welt . Since the 90’s a freelance writer fully concentrating on food and wine for several famous German magazines and newspapers. Knowing she’s been writing about food and wine for many years now and has been top student of her class during her WSET training/exam and on top of that is

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Romana Echenspercher

Let me introduce to you one of the international top sommeliers that will be judging during the competition of Best Sommelier of Belgium Romana Echsperger. Since 2015 Romana is one of the 8 Masters of wine in Germany who has gained much experience during her years as (head) sommelier in lots of high-end restaurant like restaurant Vendôme*** near Cologne. Romana has also done lots of internships in Germany, Spain and Italy and has won many national and international sommelier titles The last few year she has mostly been travelling the world as wine educator, wine consultant, journalist and ambassador promoting German wines around the globe. So she’ll be the perfect person to teach me more

Time to put the sommeliers in the spotlight: Antonio Lopes

Now that we are less then a week away from the finals of the contest of Best Sommelier of Belgium I will introduce to you another top sommelier who is part of the International jury during the contest. This time I had the honor of interviewing Antonio Lopes (28) who is head sommelier of the Conrad hotel in the beautiful Algarve and was elected as bet sommelier of Portugal in 2014. Not that I already want to reveal to much of his answers, but what I found remarkable is that until 2008 Antonio didn’t even like wine 8 years later he’s an awarded sommeliers giving master classes all over the globe and is he true ambassador of Portuguese wine and gastronomy! Just like he did during last year du

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