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Junior/Commis Sommelier Regulations

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1° The competition is organized “free” under the name

"National Championship for the Best Junior Sommelier and the Best Commis Junior Sommelier"

2° This competition is organized by the board of the Belgian Sommeliers Guild and for all Belgian Hotel Schools and Training Institutes.

3° The participants: maximum two students from the 6th year and/or maximum two students from the 7th year (specialization) per Hotel School and Training Institute.

If the number of participants in the competition is too large, the organizers reserve the right to limit participation to one participant per school. In this case, the participating Hotel Schools will be informed.

4° Candidates may express themselves both in writing and orally in French or Dutch.

5° The participating students will be chosen by the school management. This has complete freedom to select its candidates.

6° The jury will be composed of members of the Belgian Sommeliers Guild and personalities from the wine world, under the supervision of commissioners.

7° The commissaires will ensure the smooth running of the tests and the competition in general. They will not have the right to quote. They will assist the jury as “technical advisors”.

8° The general organization is entrusted to the competition management of the Belgian Sommeliers Guild

9° The competition material mainly consists of:

French vineyards, as well as spirits, aperitifs, classic liqueurs and cocktails.

Questions about main ingredients of non-French wine regions can be asked, e.g. Italy, Portugal, Spain, USA…

10° The candidates must be officially registered in a Belgian Hotel School or Training Institute and reside in Belgium.

11° The decisions of the jury cannot be challenged and the schools and institutes and their registered candidates tacitly accept the regulations of which they have been informed.

12° After the final, the results of the “National Championship for the Best Junior Sommelier and the Best Commis Junior Sommelier 2017” will be announced. The winner will receive a prize and a gift. He will also be presented with a diploma.

13° The jury will present a “Finalist Diploma” to the other classified participants.

14° The management of Hotel Schools and Training Institutes are asked to submit their participation forms with the names of the participant(s) and the name of the supervising teacher before February 1, 2020.

15° The organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the regulations that could favorably influence the course of the competition.

16° All correspondence must be addressed to the

(questions and registration forms)

Belgian Sommeliers Guild

Bart Sap

Osseven 35 - 2350 Vosselaar - 0476/559.515

(by email )

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